Unlocking Opportunities: How Our ESD Solution Empowers Entrepreneurs

How Our ESD Solution Benefits The Entrepreneur

  • Ensure that Business Owners are able to track their degree of compliance so that they are able to access public sector and big corporate opportunities that require firms to be legally and regulatory compliant. This also goes a long way in ensuring that the SB’s are able to access finance. (Tax, CIPC etc.)
  • Equip the Business Owners with tools to understand where they are in understanding their product(s) and place and their market.
  • Help Business Owners develop marketing strategies. This will culminate in identification opportunities that will give them access to markets.
  • Enable the Business Owners to strategize appropriately in resourcing their businesses.
  • Access to quality business tools in an affordable platform.

Creating Essential 

Visibility for Small Businesses.

We help Business Owners develop a marketing plan that will have your business as unforgettable as watching your favourite program (pun intended). From knowing your target market to choosing how best to get your products to our potential customers.

Learn to read and understanding financial statements in one day.

Experience our fun and engaging finance and business acumen workshops for non-finance people using a breakthrough visual system that is highly-engaging and easy to learn. We deliver the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping in an easy-to-understanding visual and hands-on format that will level up your accounting know-how.

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