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We are committed to continuing professional development and social impact through enterprise supplier development (ESD).

With training products such as Colour Accounting, we are helping business owners and individuals increase their business acumen and understand how and why their decisions impact the health of their organisation.

The Process: from B-BEE to 

Our Smart ESD Solution

Business Owner registers for the ESD program 

Program completed! The Business Owner has been able to: Record sales growth & Ensure the business is compliant with regards to all relevant aspects (tax, legal) . Business Owner is then issued with a certificate to confirm program completion. 

An analytical report is generated and sent to the business owner & the coach (Details the marketing, finance and compliance snapshot of the business) 

Report sent to a task management app, which informs structure & detailed action plan. Business Owner: Completes the outlined action items, with feedback as they go. ESD Coach: Coach ensures that the Business Owner completes their tasks and they give them technical support on the usage of the online tools.

How Our ESD Solution Benefits The Entrepreneur


  • Ensure that Business Owners are able to track their degree of compliance so that they are able to access public sector and big corporate opportunities that require firms to be legally and regulatory compliant. This also goes a long way in ensuring that the SB’s are able to access finance. (Tax, CIPC etc.)
  • Equip the Business Owners with tools to understand where they are in understanding their product(s) and place and their market.
  • Help Business Owners develop marketing strategies. This will culminate in identification opportunities that will give them access to markets.
  • Enable the Business Owners to strategize appropriately in resourcing their businesses.
  • Access to quality business tools in an affordable platform.

Creating Essential 

Visibility for Small Businesses.


We help Business Owners develop a marketing plan that will have your business as unforgettable as watching your favourite program (pun intended). From knowing your target market to choosing how best to get your products to our potential customers.

Learn to read and understanding financial statements in one day.

Experience our fun and engaging finance and business acumen workshops for non-finance people using a breakthrough visual system that is highly-engaging and easy to learn. We deliver the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping in an easy-to-understanding visual and hands-on format that will level up your accounting know-how.

Trusted Globally

Operationally Applicable

A Revolutionary Approach to Accounting And Finance.

Perhaps you need to manage a Profit & Loss statement. Or maybe you want to get on top of budgets, or tighten up financial controls. For sales people, it’s often about understanding a prospect’s business better. And how to increase profits.

Color Accounting can help you with all of these. And it does so by getting to the root-cause of the issues. That’s what makes it different. Our learners don’t leave with a few terms written on a notepad. No. They have breakthrough shifts in how they see business and their role in it.

Why Color Accounting Works.

The Color Accounting approach to accounting education is interactive: logical colors, vivid diagrams, plain language, accelerated learning techniques, and even special sound effects, cater to all learning styles. Colorful diagrams means that learners are now able to – literally – see how accounting, finance and business work. One of the reasons Color Accounting is more effective is that it ‘starts at zero’. Other approaches skip important steps. For example, they omit to define basic terms like ‘expense’. This causes confusion down the line.

Non-financial Managers

A strong grasp of  accounting concepts helps managers lead their teams and make decisions with an awareness on financial outcomes.

Small Business Owners

For the small business owner, understanding accounting streamlines decision-making and helps you understand the health of your business.


Administrative functions in an organisation are greatly enhanced when staff understand how their role impacts the organisation financially.

Learning & Development Managers

Learning and Development leaders not only understand their own impact to the bottomline, but can be the catalyst for positive change by promoting accounting knowledge across teams.

Human Resource Managers

Managing people as a resource is an awesome responsibility, one that is greatly supported by a practical understanding of accounting and finance.

Senior, Mid-Level and Junior Executives

Executives and those in strategic positions will gain a deeper understanding of all financial reports, and previously misunderstood concepts are made clearer.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise.

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