Empower Your Business: Build Sustainability & Impact with Accelerated Skills Development

Accelerated Skills Development

Empowers and supports entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses through scalable approaches that generate social, environmental and financial benefits.

We offer corporate, group and individual training, business coaching and people development. Our focus is on the delivery of mission-critical knowledge and skills to strengthen business entities by elevating the business acumen individuals within them.

Partnered withWealthvox to change how people look at accounting. We facilitate Let’s Talk Finance workshops using the Color Accounting Learning System to teach individuals and businesses the fundamentals of accounting using colours and visual aids.

A Strong Foundation in Business Leadership, Accounting and Finance.

Janelle Kettle is a strong business leader with vast experience in finance, insurance and business operations. She is an experienced Chief Operating Officer with a strong track record in the accounting industry.
Skilled in Business Strategy, Insurance, Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Finance, she brings her experience and skill to bear in her role as Chief Executive Officer of Accelerated Skills Development. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of accounting science focused in Accounting Science from University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika.
Experience our fun and engaging finance and business acumen workshops for non-finance people. We use a breakthrough colour-coded visual training system that makes accounting highly-engaging and easy to learn. We deliver the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping in an easy-to-understand and hands-on format that will level up your accounting know-how in just one day.

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