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Experience finance and business acumen workshops for non-finance people using a breakthrough visual system that is highly-engaging and easy to learn.

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Upcoming Colour Accounting Workshops

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  • 6 May 2024

    8am - 5pm

  • 26 May 2024

    8pm - 5pm

What is Colour Accounting?

Colour Accounting is a revolutionary way of teaching accounting to non-finance people using a creative and engaging visual training method. The Color Accounting approach to accounting education is interactive: logical colors, vivid diagrams, plain language, accelerated learning techniques, and even special sound effects, cater to all learning styles. Colorful diagrams means that learners are now able to – literally – see how accounting, finance and business work.

Why attend a Colour Accounting Workshop?

Colour Accounting is designed to deliver mission critical accounting knowledge quickly – in a one day workshop! Our workshop attendees walk away with a real-world, actionable grasp of financial accounting concepts that they can apply directly to their roles, helping them make better business decisions and support the company’s business goals.

Learning Outcomes.

Typical learning outcomes for a one-day Color Accounting workshop include:

  • You will develop a deep understanding of the Balance Sheet
  • You learn to derive an Income Statement and understand how it connects with the Balance Sheet
  • You will gain clarity around Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue & Expenses, understanding them via a holistic view called the BaSIS Framework™
  • Learn to record transactions using the journal and general ledger
  • You will understand the Value Cycle of business
  • You will learn financial communication through practice, dealing with ambiguity of terms, and avoid communication failures.
  • You will be able to identify factors driving cash flow, and how they are reported on the Cash Flow Statement
  • You will be able to analyze the financial statements of a business and identifying risk areas, performance changes, opportunities for improvement
  • You will learn to report financial measures, including EBITDA
  • You will be able to preparing budgets and forecasts

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6 May 2024

8am - 5pm

Join us for a one-day fun and engaging workshop that will elevate your business acumen!

Learn and understand accounting in this fun, engaging but intense workshop! By the end of the event, you will be able to understand the financials of a business and make decisions that positively impact the bottomline. You will be able to:

Janelle Kettle

Chief Executive officer Accelerated Skills Development

“Colour Accounting has the advantage of showing how accounting works visually. We all tend to see problems and relationships more easily visually, so the Colour Accounting approach takes advantage of how we learn most effectively. 
As such, I believe that it is of value to anyone …from high school students to MBAs to business executives.”

Paul Healy, Head of Accounting at Harvard Business School

“As the HR director in a public accounting firm this was awesome! I wish I could have 4 more hours of this!

Most excellent presentation. It alone was worth the expense and travel.”

SHRM International Conference, Las Vegas
“Excellent course, making it easy to grasp previously difficult concepts. Presented in an easy to follow way.”
MTN Group
“We’ve made this course compulsory for  all the staff in our unit.”
Business Unit Head, Wall Street Bank
“I wish I’d had this when I was doing my MBA. It finally makes sense.”
Lara Azzam, Wharton MBA graduate
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